Rebuilding Health Care Together

Rebuilding Health Care TogetherProduct: Two videos (in both official languages) to be used on the web and public meetings.

The New Brunswick Department of Health was in need of a video to engage the public to contribute their ideas through a series of public meetings. “Rebuilding Health Care Together” is a 13 minute video that outlines the current and future states of the New Brunswick health care system. It addresses the need for all residents to become aware of the opportunities and challenges that the system faces, and to contribute their thoughts and actions in a tangible way.

We decided to engage the viewer using graphic animation, narration, catchy music and a stirring script that would capture and hold the viewer’s attention. Five short interview segments were used to support the subject matter, with the main storyline being told using animation.

The script was developed by the department. Outreach Productions created a storyboard and a “look and feel” for the video. Colors, fonts, and overall graphic style were established. Then scenes were broken down and appropriate imagery created to support the script. At that time, music selections were submitted and chosen to accompany to narration that would be recorded.
The animation process began after the script and the visual treatments for each section were signed off. Short samples of the actual animation style were submitted and approved to ensure the movement style was deemed appropriate by the department for this project. The style needed to be engaging and current, but not detract from the ultimate goal of delivering the information effectively.

Physicians and a nurse practitioner were chosen based on language, location and knowledge of the subject matter they were to address. The shooting styles and visual treatment were established so as to support the overall style of the video.

The narration was then recorded and the English video was edited. Once the English video was finalized, the French video was created. This is done to avoid unnecessary duplication of work; changes only need to be corrected once.

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