Precision Pilates - New Website!

precision-pilates-smWorking closely with Cara Hazelton, owner and head teacher of Precision Pilates, Outreach Productions is pleased to announce the launch of the new Precision Pilates website.  This Joomla CMS website features a clean, professional design, front page slide show, horizontal menu with drop-downs, social sharing, live Facebook feed, branded newsletter, full integration with their existing online booking system, online contact form and more!

“At Precision Pilates, we offer the best Pilates in the region. We provide expert teaching in the traditional method. By promoting the mind-body connection that is at the heart of Joseph Pilates’ fitness philosophy, we won’t just transform your body: we will change your health and your life.”


Visit the Precision Pilates website - designed, produced and hosted by Outreach Productions.

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