Our Story So Far

Integrated Creative 1979 to today.

story-so-far-04-smAre you ready for this? Remember vinyl records and metal oxide tape? That’s where we began, back in 1979, when TVs and video cameras weighed enough to crack your back, and James Bond was the only person doing Face Time on his phone.

So here we are today, in the second decade of the 21st century, producing music recordings you can’t see, played on wireless devices as small as a wristwatch. Video cameras have lost about 50 pounds, creating content that’s viewed on paper thin screens you can control by voice or touch.

Adapting to all of these tremendous technological changes over the past 30-plus years is why Integrated Creative is our specialty. That’s a long time, and what we’ve learned the most is how to produce content that can be integrated with other kinds of media without starting from scratch.  Our integrated creative approach is what keeps our customers coming back, because they get best value for their dollar, and rock-solid brand consistency.

Sound production - integrated in 1979

Okay, back to 1979. That's when we opened our first groovy recording studio called Sound Outreach Studios. At first we only made music, and a lot of it. We thought that’s all we were ever going to do, and then businesses started coming to us for things like slide shows with soundtracks. We're not talking PowerPoint here! Being the entrepreneurs we are, in 1983 we bought an automatic slide projector, and a screen, and changed our business forever.

Video production – integrated in 1985

story-so-far-05-smIt wasn't long before our customers started asking us to write the scripts, and make videos. So in 1985, we added copy writing and video production to our suite of services. After four years we thought, you know, Sound Outreach Studios doesn't exactly say what we do anymore, so in 1989, we became Outreach Productions. All the while, as more customers made TV ads and videos with us, they liked our work so much, that they started asking us if we'd go a step further and develop logos and other graphic materials.

Graphic design – integrated in 1992

How can you say no? In 1992 we formally established our own full service creative suite, sending our customers out to trade shows with a full kit complete with a TV, VCR, business cards, portable sign and a tri-fold brochure. They loved it! Why? Because everything they needed had a consistent look and feel – a good one! Don’t you hate it when you see logos, colors and styles mismatched? Ugh! We do. We're really glad we got into graphic design too, because it allowed us to integrate the biggest media advancement to date: the World Wide Web.

story-so-far-06Website design – integrated in 1999

Well, we started a little earlier than 1999. Tim Berners-Lee actually invented it in 1991. It was pretty crude at first, and took a while for people and businesses to catch on, let alone buy computers and modems. But by 1999, we were in full swing, and were one of the first companies around that did it all in-house.

Social media – integrated in 2007

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. YouTube. Why use it? How? Where? Yes, we do social media, and we do it well. Ultimately it’s about engaging your viewers, and who’s better to ask to do it than the company that already knows your business and customers, and has all of your creative elements on file?  Our creative crew loves to brainstorm and co-create for social media.  When you hire Outreach Productions – you get a team. Some of our customers ask us to do this for them on a monthly contract basis.  Others ask us to set them up properly and train them to do it on their own. Either way, you’ve got to do it well or not at all.