Mads Truckstop

rw mads smWe are pleased to have been entrusted to brand the Facebook FanPage for Mads Truckstop, of Prince William, New Brunswick. We developed a profile picture that maximized the available space to showcase their major brands, while still producing a meaningful and instantly recognizable square thumbnail.

We also created a series of branded images for the random-load "Photo-strip" feature of Facebook FanPages - a new look each time the page loads.

The Mads Truckstop FanPage also showcases select photos from the professional on-site photo shoot, by Outreach Productions. You can almost taste the food photographs!

This has become a well-used, often visited FanPage, with a growing number of "Likes".

Visit the Mads Truckstop Facebook FanPage, designed and featuring the photography of Outreach Productions.

View more of "Recent Work".