Business Excellence Awards

rw bea smBack in 2000 the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce met with us to discuss how to raise the profile of their Business Excellence Awards.  We jumped at the opportunity to celebrate and showcase excellence in business.  

Nothing tells a story like video, but the quality of the video must reflect the level of passion, hard work and dedication of those nominated.  The lighting, music, graphics and animation set the tone for each award category.  The experience of our team in a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere help relax the nominees to effectively tell their stories.

From the opening “Ladies and gentlemen...” with the Oscar-style music pumping, to the tender moments of tearful reflection on a lifetime achievement, the mood is set to celebrate the best in business.  We work hand-in-hand with the live production company to ensure optimum lighting and sound for the event.  Once again, everything is seamlessly integrated for maximum impact.  Many have likened this annual event to the Academy Awards.  Integrated Creative, showcasing excellence in business.

View the BEA Community Impact 2011 Award Video on the Outreach Productions YouTube Channel.

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