Narrator Samples

We provide world class audio for any situation. Whether it’s narration for your website, background music for your television ad, or a full featured post production for you corporate video, Outreach Productions provides the audio solution. Working in Canada’s only bilingual province, we experienced in working with both English and French.

Please have a listen to some of our samples and choose who you want spreading your message.

Chris Steeves- English
Jennifer Graham- English
Brent Roy- English
Jenn Dextras - English
Richard Jones - English
Suzanne Vachon - English
Chris Diotte - English
Sarah Ketcheson - English
Michel Boudreau - English
Dale Strickland - English
Michelle Daigle - English
Michel  Boudreau - French
Suzanne Vachon - French
Alex - English
Alex - French
Carole Fournier - English
Carole Fournier - French
Doug- English
Jeremy Barham - English
Jill - English
Mike - English
Robert - French
Sarah Ketcheson - English
Troy McLaggan - English
François Albert - French