A. L. Gullison Disaster Kleenup

rw gullison sml2We are pleased to have been approached to create a website for A.L. Gullison Disaster Kleenup, who at the time, had no web presence. The new Joomla! CMS website features an easy-to-use navigation system, password protected member's area, extended photo gallery capabilities, embedded audio and video capabilities, random-load customer testimonials and has been optimized for search engines.

"A.L. Gullison Disaster Kleenup is part of Canada’s National Independent Disaster restoration team Disaster Kleenup Canada. We provide emergency response and restoration services to the insurance industry for both residential and commercial clients.

Providing 24/7 emergency service is only part of what we do. Restoration services include restoration of damage caused by fires, floods, winds, mould, vehicle impact, structural collapse among others. Our 24/7 service guarantees you will see our team on the job immediately upon receipt of your request. We understand what Emergency Services requires and aim to fulfill that urgent response in times of need."

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